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So, tired of going through the work day at what feels like full steam, and then at the end of it sitting down, and thinking to yourself, “why doesn’t it seem like I have accomplished anything?” ? The key is time management, and even more specifically, day planning.

You see, if you set off into a day saying, “I am just going to tackle my chores one at a time until they are done” you are probably setting yourself up for a let down, especially if your day looks like it is going to be exceptionally busy or hectic. The key to planning your day, and managing your time effectively, is to make a plan. Step one, make a plan. Then step two, stick with it. And then step three, at the end of the day except that you have done your best and accomplished your plan, and then relax. comfort zone

So, first, make a plan. Instead of heading out into your day with a generic plan like, “get everything done”, make a detailed plan, like, “from seven to ten I am going to file paperwork, than from ten until noon I am going to work on that report I need to finish” And so you see, you have a specific plan in mind for the day, and a good idea of what will get done. You have also set reasonable goals for yourself, and set yourself a quitting time. This is essential to you having some time to do what you want to do when you get your work done.

Also, when you make time management day planning, promise yourself to stick with it. Give your plan a chance to succeed. Stay positive and focused. Since you know what is going to happen (because you have planned your day) you can use the fun parts as times to look forward to, to get you past the boring, tedious ones.

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