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I have been hearing people saying that it is hard to balance up between fat burning and muscles building training. In the olden days, yes. But now, I don’t think so. Gym techniques and diet that we are learning today in the fitness centers are mostly based on the results of the long run experience of the gym coaches and the advanced scientific researches by the scientists. The techniques are proven to be safe and effective. Hence, the programs are actually quite balanced between fat burning and muscles building. Different fitness centers have different ways of teaching, some may do 2 intensive cardio, 1 less intensive cardio training a week and 3 muscles building sessions, while some may offer programs which have cardio and weightlifting in 1 session. Here, I would like to share you 2 simple ways to burn fat and build muscles. andarine

Cardio Exercise

I always suggest to my students that if they want to lose weight effectively, every morning do cardio exercise before breakfast before they go to work. This is because in the morning, our body carbohydrate level is low, our body will burn more fat instead of burning the carbohydrates while doing high intensive cardio exercise, yes, High Intensive. Make sure that by the time you finish the training, you are sweating enormously and muscles are tired. Will it affect your daily chores? Based on my experience, initially yes, but you gradually get used to it, you will feel more energetic and not easy to feel tired after working for the whole day, try it consistently. =)

High Intensive Weightlifting

Personally I feel that if you want to shape up your muscles, do high intensive weightlifting. Lift the heaviest that you can lift, but of course, you would need a friend to support you in the training to ensure your safety. 3 times a week, and 45min-1hour a session will be enough.

I am a helpful person and a personal gym coach. I like to help others to make their dream come true. Seeing so many people who are skinny or obese can successfully transform to a healthy strong body shape under my guidance, I am more than happy than anyone else.


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