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The story of the OnePlus Nord series is an interesting one. The first device from the series was a hit, thanks in no small part to its affordable price and powerful features. The second device is on its way to becoming a cult name in its own right. In this review, we take a look at the second Oxygen OS phone, the OnePlus Nord.

The OnePlus Nordic 2 makes the more confident advertising claim that it is “all you can ask for”. And that’s true if you are asking for a reasonably-priced smartphone, and happen to live either in Europe or India. However, for those looking for more power, features and speed, the device delivers in spades. The key selling points of the smartphone are the powerful features it possesses, such as the fast charging, long battery life, neat design and the exceptional audio quality.

When it comes to power, the oneplus 2 really delivers. It comes loaded with a dual-core A7 processor clocked at 1.4 GHz, which gives it the ability to process information at a much faster rate than any other smartphone on the market today. The chipset in the back is an upgraded variant of the one used in the OnePlus smartphones. This helps to boost performance, particularly on the speed test results and in real-world use where the handset is subject to more rigorous use. OnePlus Nord 2

The dual-core processor also helps to boost the power of the Adreno category of smartphones. This helps to ensure that the oneplus 2’s interface is smooth to use on a daily basis. The refresh rate on this handset is one of the most impressive on the market today. The device easily runs through its daily tasks without a hitch. The speed of the refresh rate is one of the reasons why the device runs quickly.

Another highlight of the oneplus nord 2 review is the superior connectivity features of the handset. The 2.5D curved display of the handset is ideal for those who are fond of watching videos. The camera is also impressive. It has an advanced fuctionual camera feature that allows for facial recognition. It also comes equipped with a USB port, so that users can charge their devices using other popular rechargeable devices such as the iPhone or the iPad. The charging cable that comes with the phone facilitates fast chargering too.

The OnePlus smartphones are loaded with many exciting features. One of these is the multi-tasking feature that allows the user to browse the internet while taking a quick photograph of the surrounding. The user can then take out the images and share them via popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. The connectivity options on the OnePlus smartphones are very commendable. This is why it is considered to be one of the leading low-light smartphone in the market today.

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